Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Companion Planting - Onions

Onions are a pest repellent for Carrots

Onions and all members of the Cabbage family get along well.  Onions also like Beets, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Summer Savory and Camomile (sparsely).

Onions do not like Peas and Beans.

Onion maggots travel from plant to plant when set in a row, so scatter your onion plants throughout the garden.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pesto Rampicante with fresh Tomato for lunch!

I cooked with Rampicante for the first time today, just throwing together some things I had in the garden and fridge, and so enjoyed the results, that I thought I'd share.  I found that I like the flavor of Rampicante better than zucchini, it's very mild, and the texture sautéed was perfectly crisp.  I loved that it was solid flesh throughout most of the squash which lended beautifully to julienne slicing, and I only needed 6" of it for my meal.

Rampicante Pesto with Fresh Tomato

6" of young Rampicante, julienne sliced
small hand full of Red Onion, sliced
Sea Salt to taste
Olive or Coconut Oil

Heat oil in a skillet on medium, sauté Rampicante and Onions seasoned with salt until just tender.


Add the pesto to the skillet and mix, as soon as the pesto is warmed up, remove from heat and serve.

Garnish with fresh sliced Tomatoes and Basil