Utah Seed Exchange Principles

Utah Seed Bank and Exchange Principles

1.           Start small, keep it simple, learn line upon line.
2.           Eat, preserve and share heirloom Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
3.           Find varieties that extend the Utah County growing season through cold hardiness, short germination, long growing season or long storage ability.
4.           Educate members how to grow and preserve heirloom plants.
5.           Educate members how to save pure seeds.
6.           Collect seeds, store and maintain seed exchange.
7.           Help feed our community by donating extra produce to local food banks and shelters.
8.           Teach our children all that we learn.
9.           Feed ourselves with healthy, natural food that we grow ourselves.
10.       Increase our self sufficiency.
11.       Have better tasting food!

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