Monday, March 3, 2014

Potato Onions

We had a great turn out and class on Potato Onions by Kelly Winterton.  Everyone received seed and hopefully planted right away as it's almost too late to plant onions.


Video of the class

Kelly's Website for more info


  1. Hi. Thanks for posting the video. I was,so ad that I had to miss Kelly's presentation on potato onions. I am glad though that I watched the video because I'm goin to plant a row of direct seeds tomorrow and also strt several pots indoors as well, just I case we get one more heavy freeze. Here in st George it feels like spring for months before that final cold snap in April. S I'm going to try both just in case. I'm glad that I bought what I did from him in October cause now I'm set.
    Thanks for the video again. I,hope to make the next meeting.

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