Monday, February 3, 2014

Things That Work for Me - Overwintering your favorite Basils

I'm not a huge fan of growing Basil from seed - you've probably figured out by now that I'm into EASY!- so I took cuttings from my three favorite Basil plants before the frost in fall, rooted them in glasses of water, then planted them and have kept them in my window all winter, waiting to be planted in the Spring.  They have done very well and even grown quite a bit, I keep them trimmed since I want them to just focus on developing a strong root system for next year.

Things That Work for Me - Window Garden

Part of my winter gardening goes on in my south facing kitchen and family room windows which I have built shelves into.  Above is a picture of my Cayenne Pepper plant which is still blooming and growing peppers as it has been all winter.  A couple of weeks ago I harvested about 40 peppers from it and trimmed it down to help it focus on a small area for the rest of the winter.  I transplanted this from the ground in the fall and will plant it back outside in the spring.  I did the same thing last winter and it's still producing tons of peppers for me!

Next to it is Kale from seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago.