Friday, March 23, 2012

Film on Organic, No Till Gardening

This link will take to you a great film on organic, no till gardening.  WARNING:  DO NOT WATCH WHEN HUNGRY!

If you need newspaper, you should ask around your neighborhood, I've had many stacks given to me by people who don't make it to the recycle bin often.   Remember, don't use the shiny advertising pages, they have been treated with things you don't want to eat!
Please note that you will want to put aged manure, compost, or soil under the wood chip compost the first year, or you will need to plant down into the dirt below the wood chips.  After it decomposes in future years, it will not horde nitrogen from you plants and you'll be able to plant right in it.    Pay special attention to the wood chip demonstration garden in the second half of the film that was started from scratch.

Also, you will need to water more frequently here in Utah (than in Washington) because we are a dry climate.  You will not need to water as much as you would without the wood chips, but be sure to check the moisture level under the chips frequently.  I have noticed that it stays moist under the chips for a few days longer than areas that don't have the chips.  

My fruit trees have seen the most water benefit, only needing to be watered once a month.   
It has saved my peas from burning up in this extraordinary hot spring we're having. 



  1. I watched the film and am so excited to get to work. We had been looking for a solution to watering and our prayers were answered. You can always count on God! He does love His children and He is watching out for them.

  2. If you'd like to know where to find the composted tree chips in Utah County, send me an email.

  3. This is the best gardening video I have ever seen. I have already started sharing it with others and I can't wait to watch it again!

    Thank you for the link. It was recommended to me by more than one person and I'm so glad I finally watched it.

  4. My family and I watched this for Family Night and it is AMAZING! It definitely got us excited to give it a try and do it right. Heavenly Father does it right! We just have to follow.

  5. Payson landfill is out of the composted wood chips. I'm starting to call other places. Any other suggestions? We're working on putting in the no- till gardens at a few more places, even across the summer and fall to be ready for next spring. Now that I've got so many people willing and wanting to get started, I don't want to lose my chance!


    Michelle Curtiss