Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Garden Tour

Thank you Logan Lyon for giving us an incredible tour of Woodhead Garden in Orem.  He uses sustainable techniques and grows an incredible amount of plants in a small area along with chickens, rabbits and composting worms.  He waters with a solar driven aquaponics system that recycles between a fish pond and the plants.  Logan grows and sells heritage, organic plant starts and composting worms from his garden and the Provo Farmer's Market.

Logan is happy to give tours of his garden to those of you that missed it, click on this link Woodheadgardens.com to call and schedule a time.

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  1. This tour was so inspiring! I hunted Logan down at the Farmer's Market last week and he was so helpful in answering more of my questions. Thank you SO much for arranging this tour for us!