Sunday, November 4, 2012

Garden Planning

Hopefully your fall/winter garden is doing well.  I've got radishes, lettuce and swiss chard growing nicely.  I'm going to keep planting my winter lettuces and see how long they will grow just out in cold.  I have parsnips that are mulched and I hope to save their seeds next year.

It's time to start planning your spring garden for 2013.  I'm determined to exercise self control and only plant one variety of each plant family to make seed saving easier.  I've coordinated with my mom to plant a different variety and we'll share our harvest with each other.

I found some favorites this year that will definitely be planted again - my favorite is Rattlesnake Snap Bean, it was a prolific grower and delicious fresh and cooked.  I have seeds I saved (not easy to save the first/best pods and not eat them!) and will have them to trade in the spring when we get together.  Another favorite was Red Romaine Lettuce, it was easy to grow, delicious and slow to bolt in the summer, I have seed from this also. Blacktail Mountain Watermelon was another winner, easy to grow (see a pattern here) and delicious, not the best saver - I'm trying one next year that is a long saver.  I didn't save those seeds, that will be project for another year.

Please post your favorites from this year as a comment and let us know why you love them and if you will have seed available!

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